Our Partners.

We have made it a point to work with cutting edge products and practices in the world of Agriculture. Part of our relationship with these partners is to provide access for our fellow growers at a reduced cost. If you would like more information on any of the following, or would like to hear about what is in the works.. please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Farm Management.

We have been extremely fortunate to partner with Conservis to help us manage our farm.


Their farm management software allows us the ability to identify our operating costs down to the penny, as well as saving us a ton of money in tracking harvest and revenue logistics.


Know the dollars and cents of any idea before pulling the trigger.






UAV Imagery.

We have transitioned to utilizing drone imaging for all of our agronomic decisions. 


This has allowed us to really open up some operating budget margins, as well as give us the best insight into our crop health that we have ever experienced.


Advanced Aerial Ag is a progressive agronomy company providing mapping for zone management, and harnessing the capabilities of precision prescriptions with advanced VRT software.


Better information is vital to making better decisions.


Check out the website.




Working with UAV data, fertilizer providers, and agronomists, we want to identify better zone management options for our fellow growers.


A plant's nitrogen demand is extremely important as well as extremely variable. We want to improve efficiency and effectiveness!

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